Product Liability Attorneys in Florida

Product Liability means that manufacturers are liable for exposing the public to dangerous products. Learn about your right to compensation when you have suffered injuries due to the use of a dangerous or defective product. If a dangerous or defective product injured you or a member of your family, you may be eligible to receive financial compensation for the damages you have suffered. The Berman Law Group have helped thousands of injured people throughout Florida receive the full amount of benefits and compensation they deserve.

Please contact The Berman Law Group if you have been injured by any type of dangerous or defective product, including:

  • Defective Medical Devices: We represent clients injured by defective cardiac pacemakers, hip and knee replacements, tainted tissue and more.
  • Dangerous Drugs: When drugs cause health problems instead of curing them, and the drug makers had previous notice of possible defects in their products, it’s time to talk to a lawyer.
  • Power Tool Defects: Defective saws, drills, grinders and other tools can cause devastating injuries.
  • Defective Lawn Mowers: Our lawyers win cases for adults and children who were injured because of defective walk-behind and riding mowers.
  • Heavy Equipment Failure: Defective construction equipment and farm machinery can cause life-changing injuries and fatalities. We advocate for the victims.
  • Defective Home Appliances: Product defects can turn everything from a toaster to a treadmill into a potential source of injury. We know how to hold manufacturers accountable.
  • Defective Ladders: When design defects or shoddy manufacturing cause injuries to consumers, we step up and fight for their rights.
  • Scaffolding Accidents: Falls from scaffolding, scaffolding collapse, and being hit by objects dropped from scaffolds can all be linked to some form of negligence.
  • Defective Car Parts: Airbags, seat belts, tires, seat backs, brakes and other automotive components can fail and cause injury to drivers and passengers.
  • Airbag Failures: Instead of saving lives, defective airbags can cause injuries and fatalities.
  • Defective Tires: You may not even suspect that tire defects were responsible for the car wreck that injured you. Contact us to discuss your options.
  • Defective Seat Belts: These safety devices can fail us when we need them most.
  • 15-Passenger Van Accidents: Prone to rollover, these vans are so dangerous they cannot be sold or leased to transport K-12 students. Are other people’s lives less valuable?
  • Defective Children’s Products: Selling products that can injure or kill children is a clear case of putting profits before people. Our lawyers stand up for the rights of consumers and families.
  • Dangerous Toys: From toys containing lead to those with small parts and sharp corners, products that should provide a fun experience but instead can lead to pain and suffering pose a major threat to both children and adults. We will fight for proper compensation to victims and their families.
  • Recalls: Learn about the recall of products that pose a danger to consumers. Do you own any of these products?
  • What Is My Defective Product Case Worth? Learn how we evaluate product liability injury claims.

You can afford an experienced product liability attorney. Even if you do not see the product that injured you listed above, please contact our law firm to discuss your potential case. The initial consultation is absolutely free. There is no cost or obligation, and if you do hire us to represent you, there are no fees, costs or expenses unless we win your case.